TNTS: The Stairs

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T.N.T.S.: The Stairs is a tech Demo for one of our horror game engines that has developed into a small stand alone Horror experience.

The concept for T.N.T.S. is to create a series of games and interactive experiences that take inspiration from well known horror legends, and challenge the player to remain calm during playthrough, hence the “Try Not To Scream” (T.N.T.S.) in the series title.
They are best played alone, in the dark, with earphones on, and should be well suited for reaction/let’s-play videos by streamers and gameplay video producers.

This first title takes inspiration from the infamous SCP-087 article (for more information on this, read below), creating our own setting, story and plot twist.

Our story begins with a man waking up every day in what looks like the same asylum cell, descending the same set of stairs, seeing all the horros that await in the dark, only to faint and repeat the process endlessly.
Every day something is different, but he is forever trapped in a terror loop.
Is there a way out? Can he actually do something to free himself? 

Beware: Even though there is a plot involved and a puzzle to solve for the story to unfold, this product is intended as a small stand alone horror experience.

It is not, and does not mean to be, a traditional full game.

Be warned: randomized jumpscares galore!

T.N.T.S.: The Stairs takes inspiration from “SCP-087” by “Zaeyde”:
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