Original Characters

In this page we will present our original characters, created for future projects, that might be involved in marketing, cosplay or even side projects like books, board games, serials & co.


“Crazy Dev” was a regular software developer for his business solutions company, until one day something snapped in his head. He couldn’t take it anymore: clients, project managers, business units… All the voices molded toghether in a giant and undistinguishable hum. He punched his desk in anger and ripped his shirt, revealing a Kurayame Yume Games t-shirt underneath. What happend after can only be described as “Hell on earth”, as reported by first responders reaching the gigantic skyscraper where he was last seen. He was never found though, and reports are now surfacing from all over the world, claiming to have seen him wreak havoc in buildings that are thousands of miles away, simultaneously. Investigations are still ongoing.