Kurayami Yume

Welcome to the official Kurayami Yume website. We are a very small indie dev team mainly focused on horror and story driven projects. Stay tuned for more!

Our goal

We want to bring you compelling experiences that you will remeber long after you have completed. Games are about what you feel when you play them and what remains with you after.

Future projects

We have a lot in the works, so stay tuned and visit the page often for BIG updates coming soon!


TNTS: The Stairs

A free horror experience, available now!

Beyond Horror, Episode 1: A Father’s Journey

Available now on Steam and Itch!

Horror Drift ( ホラードリフト )

Early access available now on Steam!


Coming soon ro haunt the dreams of players all over the world!

Infinite White: Hyperbolic Time Chamber Simulator

Available now on Steam and Itch!


Feel free to contact us for any feedback